unisa mba application 2021-2022

By | October 31, 2019

unisa mba application 2021-2022

unisa my application 2021-2022

unisa mba application 2021-2022

Unisa MBA Application 2021-2022

Unisa MBA Application 2021-2022

Applications open 5 August and close 30 November for the 2021-2022 intake.

An MBA is regarded by many as the ticket to the C-suite.  After all you’d be hard-pressed to find a CEO who doesn’t have one.  More than anything, an MBA is arranged to turn a manager into a holistic leader capable of steering an organisation and its people to success.  The MBA gives you access to continue your studies towards a DBL, providing you meet the admission requirements of the DBL.

Admission requirements and supporting documents

  • A Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent (provide a clear copy of certificate as well as transcript indicating the symbol or percentage obtained for each module and indicating that the qualification was completed)
  • A Bachelor’s Honours Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma (minimum 120 credits), or a 480-credit Bachelor’s Degree (provide a clear copy of degree as well as transcript indicating the symbol or percentage obtained for each module and indicating that the qualification was completed)
  • Original documentary proof of at least three years’ managerial/ professional work experience (eg a letter from your employer on an official letterhead), indicating your period of service or a certificate of service.  If you operate your own business, the statement can be made by your auditor, accountant, attorney or partner
  • A two-page double-space document motivating why you want to acquire an MBA degree.  You have to certify that this motivation is your own work and prepared solely by you for the application process
  • A recent Curriculum Vitae
  • Supply a clear copy of your identity document/ passport
  • Compulsory selection test

Once the application is successfully completed, students are required to write the NMAT test as part of the selection process. Online registration and support are available at www.nmat.org

For email support: nmatglobalsupport@gmac.com

Registration & Scheduling of NMAT tests closing date 15 December 2021-2022

Exam Delivery:  17 May – 31 December 2021-2022

The Graduate School of Business Leadership may institute additional selection criteria as deemed necessary

Before your apply

Before you download the application form, familiarise yourself with the instuction document linked on the application form.  Kindly download the application form and complete it electronically, then email the completed application form together with the supporting documents to: sblmba@unisa.ac.za

Fees Office

MBA queries 011 652 0221 or rakomml@unisa.ac.za

General queries:

Landline: 011 652 0312 / 0379 / 0380
E-mail: SBLfinance@unisa.ac.za

Student fees are broken down into the following

  • Application fee
  • Tuition fees; split into acceptance deposit and subsequent payment plan
  • Additional fees for students outside of SA and outside of Africa
  • Miscellaneous fees

Application fees formal programmes

  • Manual applications R 170



  • Application fees are non-refundable.
  • The application fee may be paid using the MyUnisa online payment platform http://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/corporate/default/Apply-for-admission/Student-fees-and-funding-your-studies/Unisa-payment-methods-and-banking-details or electronic fund transfer (EFT) or credit card or cash deposit at your nearest bank.
  • Bursars (sponsors) can request a pro-forma invoice from the Fees Office
  • Invoices will only be created once a valid purchase order (PO) is sent by the bursar/ sponsor

Note that Unisa is a cashless environment.

Tuition fees need to be settled at the following intervals

  • 50% of total tuition on registration.

Year modules

  • 25% of total tuition on the 15th of May, and then the balance on 15th of August.

Second semester modules

  • 50% of total tuition on the 15th of August.

Tuition fees

TOTAL FEES                      R173 367.00


TOTAL FEES (1st year)      R127 178.00
(7 Compulsory modules + 2 electives first year)

50% on registration:            R 63 589.00

25% payable 15 May:         R31 795.00

25% payable 15 August:     R31 795.00


TOTAL FEES (2nd year)      R46 189.00
(Integrated Management Report)

50% on registration:            R 23 094.00

25% payable 15 May:         R11 547.00

25% payable 15 August:     R11 547.00

Acceptance / registration fees

MBA1 R 63 589.00
MBA2 R 23 094.00


The acceptance fee is payable on or before registration. Registration will only be processed if this registration fee is settled in full or a valid purchase order is provided. The bursar (sponsorship) letter is not sufficient for registration.


*Please note that the fees stipulated herein are provisional and subject to change pending Council approval. It would be prudent to plan for a 10% increase on fees for the 2020 academic year

For more info visit the school website

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unisa mba application 2021-2022

unisa mba application 2021-2022

unisa mba application 2021-2022