my unisa registration 2023-2024

By | October 16, 2019

my unisa registration 2023-2024

my unisa registration 2023-2024

my unisa registration 2023-2024

my unisa registration 2023-2024


  • I’d like to apply, but I didn’t do so within the application period.
    So, what should I do now?You’ll have to apply for admission during the next round of applications.
    For additional information, go to
  • University of South Africa Online Application Online Application: You are welcome to our page. We have all that is needed to assist you in applying. Read carefully everything we have written here to know how to apply.

Deadline:Each year, the application opens in August and concludes on September 30.
As a result, we advise potential undergraduate students to apply online or using paper-based application forms.
(Applications received after this date will not be considered; please apply early in the application cycle to guarantee your application is reviewed.)
If spots are available, late applications may be accepted.

Who must apply Unisa Online Application

  • Anyone interested in beginning a new qualification must apply for admission.
    This includes first-time Unisa applicants as well as current Unisa students who are switching to a new certification.
  • Anyone who has completed a Higher Certificate or an Alternative Pathway / Extended Program must apply for admission to the next level of education.
    If you previously applied for admission and received feedback but did not register for any reason, you must reapply.
  • Under the Unisa-TVET agreement, anyone who wishes to enroll in classes at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college must apply for admission.
  • Please note: If you previously applied for admission and were offered a spot, but did not accept the offer and/or did not register for whatever reason, you must reapply.

Application Fees for University of South Africa:

  • South African Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of R105 for online applications.
  • Applicants applying via Unisa for a TVET college can use a hard copy application – the application fee for this is R160.

Submitting Results and Documents:

A complete application, submitted entirely online, MUST includes the following materials:

  • Proof of payment receipt of your application fee (This is a non-refundable compulsory fee for every applicant)
  • A Certified copy of your ID document(ID document is compulsory for South Africa citizens – your application cannot be processed without a certified copy of your ID and Passport Number for International Applicants)
  • Exam Results: Final Grade 12 results (if available). Grade 11 results (if you currently doing grade 12) are very important for your application. Thus, have it on hand.
  • A unique email address when applying either online or in a hard copy. Note that some of the systems do not accept emails from some of the universities: It is advisable to create and use a Gmail, Yahoo mail address for the application.


  • Before you apply, read the admission requirements carefully to ensure that you are eligible for consideration.
  • Before applying, carefully read the application instructions’ step-by-step method.

NBT Test: This institution requires you to write a National Benchmark Test (NBT) before you can apply. For more information on NBT’s kindly click here

How to get Application forms: Application to the university can be done online or in a hard copy. Click here for the application form.

COST PER COURSE PER ANNUM:  To get specific course fees, contact Unisa directly.

CONTACT DETAILS: Do you have any question regarding your application? Sure you can contact the institution with the addresses and telephone numbers we have provided below to reach the school officials; you can email Email: or call Tel: 012 441 5888. For more info on University of South Africa, contact details click here

Unisa Residence Application:

Only applicants who have successfully applied for admission to the University of South Africa can use the online application.
As a result, once you have submitted your application, you are eligible to apply for residency.
To submit an application for residency  click here.

Completed Application Forms Must be Submitted:

  • Note: Results and certified documents must be submitted.
    The applicant must make sure that their Grade 11 and Grade 12 results are up to date.
    Remember that if you don’t do this, your application may be delayed.
  • Always keep in mind that you must submit it throughout the application period.
  • All of the attachments must be certified copies of the original documents.
  • NB: Make a photocopy of the original document and submit it together with the photocopy.
  • The South African Qualifications Authority must evaluate international students, and this evaluation must be presented with the application form.
  • NOTE: You will be able to monitor the progress of your application once you have submitted it.

Register to study through Unisa, Click below to DOWNLOAD Online Registration form or Register Online:

my unisa registration 2023-2024

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