maluti online application 2023-2024

By | July 12, 2022

maluti online application 2023-2024

maluti online application 2023-2024

maluti online application 2023-2024

Welcome to our blog on maluti online application for the year 2024. Here, we will be providing information on the latest maluti online application developments and trends. We will also be discussing how you can apply for maluti online and what the process is like. We hope that you find our blog informative and that it helps you to make an informed decision about your future. Thank you for visiting!

About Maluti Tvet

  • Technical Vocational Education and Training is offered by Maluti TVET College in the South African province of the Free State. The College was established on September 1st, 2002, as a result of the union of three former technical colleges and two previous colleges of education in the South African province of the Free State. In order to impact people’s lives, the College focuses on ave a culture of quality, creativity, and accomplishment that fosters entrepreneurship and employability. One main campus and seven additional ones make up the multi-site Maluti TVET College.
  • Public TVET Colleges have a special goal of addressing the skills gap in South Africa by providing timely and pertinent vocational and occupational programs.

Campus of Maluti TVET College

  • Main Campus
  • Bethlehem Campus
  • Harrismith Campus
  • Bonamelo Campus
  • Lere La Tshepe Campus
  • Itemoheleng Campus
  • Sefikeng Campus
  • Kwetlisong Campus

APPLICATION OPENING AND CLOSING DATES: Applications must be submitted by November 30, 2023.



Electrical Engineering N1-N6
Mechanical Engineering N1-N6
Civil Engineering N1-N6


  • Business Management N4-N6
  • Marketing Management N4-N6
  • Management Assistant N4-N6
  • Financial Management N4-N6
  • Public Management N4-N6
  • Human Resources Management N4-N6
  • Educare N4 –N6


  • Hospitality N4-N6
  • Clothing Production N4-N6
  • Art N4-N6

Students must meet certain requirements

There are various prerequisites that must be satisfied before applying to study or obtain a skilled trade at any Maluti TVET College campus.

  • You should possess a grade nine diploma.
  • Under-16 applicants won’t be taken into consideration
  • Keep in mind that higher-level courses could require higher certificates: Higher-level academics and engineering courses call for more education.
  • Most TVET universities need you to take an admissions exam as part of the application process. This enables the college to evaluate each student’s literacy and numeracy skills.
  • The applicant might need to participate in an interview procedure in order to be considered.
  • ID and residency proof When applying to Maluti TVET College, do make sure that you have these prepared.

Maluti TVET College application process 2023–2024

Most applicants find it challenging to submit an application to their preferred TVET college. The information provided below will help you apply to Maluti TVET College.

  • Obtain a registration or application form.
  • To avoid rejection, kindly adhere to the form’s instructions.
  • Please complete the space provided on the form.
  • All required paperwork is attached.
  • Use the provided address or any other submission methods to send it.

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