falsebay online applications 2023-2024

By | July 12, 2022

falsebay online applications 2023-2024

falsebay online applications 2023-2024

falsebay online applications 2023-2024

Falsebay online application is here to help students application easy. Read on to learn more about the application.

About falsebay online applicationsĀ 

  • You can submit an online application for the False Bay TVET College from 1 April to 30 November 2023.
  • False Bay TVET College urges prospective students to send a paper copy of their online application as soon as it is practical for the academic year 2023.

Every student who wants to start a new qualification must apply for admission using the online application tool supplied by False Bay TVET College. This False Bay TVET College online application window is now open for;

  • applications for the False Bay TVET College for the first time
  • Students at the False Bay TVET College changing their specialization or certification
  • Candidates who previously applied for admission but were not offered a space did not register students who completed a higher certificate program or any other program and who wish to continue with further undergraduate studies but who were either not offered a space or who were offered a space but accepted the offer.

How to Complete the False Bay TVET College Online Application in 2023
To complete the False Bay TVET College online application, you will need the following materials:

  • a working email address
  • and your South African identity number
  • if you are an overseas candidate, your passport number

False Bay TVET College Online Application 2023

You can submit a paper application if you are unable to apply online by printing the necessary documents from the links below and mailing them to the admissions office, which is indicated on the right.

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