esayidi online 2023-2024

By | July 19, 2022

esayidi online 2023-2024

esayidi online 2023-2024

esayidi online 2023-2024

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  • In the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa, on the Lower South Coast, is the Technical Vocational Education and Training institution known as Esayidi TVET College. The former Port Shepstone and Enyenyezi Technical Colleges merged to create the College in 2003. As the top provider of TVET education that is appropriate, excellent, and affordable in a stable and secure environment, Esayidi TVET College aspires to be a model institution. The Southern KZN Region is home to the College’s six campuses as well as numerous Community Development Centers.
  • For students who excel academically but require financial support, financial aid is available. Students who are academically deserving and in need are given money in the form of bursaries by the Department of Higher Education and Training. If they truly need them, students are encouraged to apply for these bursaries. Students who are interested should click here for more information.

Application submissions must be received by November 30, 2023.

Offering of Courses

All applicants for admission are required to choose a course or program from the ones the college offers. On its campuses, Esayidi offers a range of courses focused on developing skills. All of the college’s courses fit into one of the following categories:

  • National Certificate Vocational NC(V)
  • Media Studies
  • Skills Programmes

Esayidi TVET College campuses

Port Shepstone Campus
Private Bag 814
Port Shepstone, 4240
Tel: 039 685 5482/3
Enyenyezi Campus
Private Bag 814
Port Shepstone 4240
Tel: 039 685 5482/3
Gamalakhe Campus
Private Bag 814
Port Shepstone, 4240
Tel: 039 685 5482/3
Kokstad Campus
Private Bag 814
Port Shepstone 4240
Tel: 039 685 5482/3
Umzimkulu Campus
Private Bag 814
Port Shepstone 4240
Tel: 039 685 5482/3

Entry requirements

Before beginning the admissions process, all prospective students should confirm that they have the following materials available:

  • Student identification document, certified copy. Students from other countries must show a valid, certified passport.
  • Authenticated copy of a parent’s or guardian’s ID
  • evidence of address (certified copy)
  • Academic records/recent results. Before being submitted, all foreign credentials must be evaluated by the SAQA.
  • Authenticated copy of the study permit (Foreign students only)


Get an application for Esayidi TVET College as the first step.

Online Submission:

  • A. Get the Application Form
  • B. Access Declaration Form Online
  • C. Finish Sections 1–5 of the registration form.
  • Section 1: Information about the student
  • Upload certified documents in Section 2 (Scan all to one file)
  • Upload the application form and the declaration form in Section 3
  • Section 4 – Contract
  • Declaratory Section 5

Please be aware that both the application and declaration forms must be downloaded. You must submit these forms and apply online as well.

Paper-based Application:

You must take the following steps if you are sending an application in hard copy:

> Complete the registration and application forms.

You will have access to the application form for download.

Step 2: Completely fill out your application form.

*Keep in mind that you’ll need an email address.

Step 3: Include all supplementary documentation.

  • Certified ID copy
    certified copy of a parent or guardian’s ID
    certified copy of most recent academic achievements (s)

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